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Wedding cakes on a budget

Most brides opt for roses on their wedding cake. In truth, roses can be time consuming to make, therefore more expensive. A rose usually consists of about 20 petals, each made seperately. A Calla lily, on the other hand, is only one "petal" and a centre which makes them quicker and therefore cheaper to make.

 Don't think that because a flower is expensive in a florist it will be expensive in sugar, this is very often not the case. 

You can reduce the number of flowers on your wedding cake if you are having a very strong colour, red for instance. Foliage can also give the arrangement a "fuller" effect and will be cheaper than lots of flowers. If you need to keep within budget, I can advise you on ways to make your wedding cake look stunning without lots of sugarflowers.

More for your money

I recently made the wedding cake for my sisters wedding. Altogether she had 12 cakes, 3 tiered wedding cake and each table had a 10" version. It was eaten as dessert with fresh cream. It saved her a fortune. Not only did she only need to have 2 courses for her meal, the cake doubles as a centrepiece (they had candles which were lit).

There were 5 women on each table and I made 5 small sprays of lilac roses which she used as favours (she had small boxes they could be put into). I made a different flavour cake for each table, chocolate, coconut cream, butterscotch etc and everyone had great fun trying the different cakes.

Square versus Round

A square wedding cake is roughly 25% bigger than a round cake so be prepared to pay more if that's what you want. They also take more decoration which will push the price up. Even the boards are more expensive. Stick to a round design if you need to watch your budget.

Fruit or Sponge?

There will obviously be a difference  in the price. The marzipan alone on a large fruit cake is quite expensive so why not have a "milder" covering of half marzipan and half icing? A lot of people don't like the marzipan anyway and this mix is not such a strong flavouring.

Fruit wedding cake can be more economical because it gives about twice the serving as a sponge cake.

A bigger cake?

If your budget wont stretch to a large wedding cake, increase the gap between the tiers to give the cake more height. A tall cake always looks more impressive.

Alternatively, choose a design where the wedding cake is "spread out" . Lay ivy on the table to give a "fuller" look.

The Cake Table

I made a fairy castle wedding cake which was quite small. I placed a box under the table cloth then covered the table with white netting (the type that is used to make petticoats) This gave the impression that the wedding cake was sitting on a cloud. The whole display cost less than 10.

Spend time thinking about your table, a beautiful table will enhance the simplest Wedding Cakes. I have made stunning wedding cakes only to arrive at the venue to find a rickety table with a cloth that is too small and wobbly legs. Insist that your venue give you the best table they have (with a decent cloth)  or ask Aunty Doris if you can borrow her antique side table!!

Ask your florist to decorate the cake table but if your budget wont stretch to this, look around you. I take my dogs to the local woods and am amazed at the fabulous greenery  on offer. Ruscus, ivy, ferns, all free (within reason) . I have actually been in the woods and seen a local florist picking ivy which she no doubt charged for.

Beautiful, fresh ivy draped around the wedding cake table looks fabulous.

Ask your cake maker if she (or he) would dress the table for you. Most wedding cake decorators should oblige. We all like to leave our cakes in the best possible setting. I don't want one of my wedding cakes looking forlorn and desolate and will dress the table for no extra charge.

Shop around for cake toppers. There is a huge difference in price for a simple bride and groom. Or be inventive. I saw a wedding cake once with 2  gold painted pears on the top! The effect was fantastc. See my Cake Seperators page for ideas


Cake Stands
All my wedding cakes come complete with a satin cake stand (see picture on the home page). If you want a floating cake, I will make the cloth for you. Fancy stands have to be hired with a deposit. All extra expense. There are many ways to display wedding cakes. Different height glass vases filled with ivy are stunning in a display (see 4 tier red cake in my Wedding Cakes pages). They can be bought for a couple of pounds each.
Cake Seperators
These are  used between cake tiers. Plastic pillars are not very fashionable at the moment. The trend seems to be anything that is a bit different. This could be just about anything from champagne glasses to goldfish bowls. Don't be tempted to pay for specialist seperators. Your local market or "pound" shop will give you lots of ideas. Some of these seperators can cost as much as 120, use your imagination, I am happy to go along with your ideas or offer advice.
 Have a look at my Cake Seperators page for ideas

How many Tiers?
If you want 4 or even 5 tiers but need to stick to a budget, add the tiers to the top and not the bottom. My wedding cakes are in 2 sizes 10-8-6 which is standard or 12-10 and 8 inches so adding another 6 inch cake on top is not going to break the bank.  If you add the tier at the bottom, 14-12-10-8 inches, the cake will be a lot more expensive. If you just want a tall cake, look for taller seperators.
If you want to make sure everyone gets a piece of cake , why not have a "kitchen" cake made. This is a spare cake, iced but not decorated. No-one will ever know that it didn't come from the original wedding cake.
Cake board returns
Cake boards are quite expensive, especially the larger sizes. I leave the price on the bottom of the boards and if you like to return them to me in reasonable condition, I will give you back half of the original price. The same goes for any fancy pillars.
These are NOT used in any other wedding cake, I use them for the dummy cakes in my shop

Stacked mistletoe wedding  cake deba daniels

An incredibly simple and elegant wedding cake design.
 Mistletoe and silver "twigs" give this wedding cake a "designer" look,
The setting is perfect and the table is draped with a pale blue cloth and greenery from my garden.
This cake was copied from a picture given to me by a client and priced at over 1000 (not by me!!!)
See Wedding Cake Side Designs for a close up of the design
Why not take advantage of my

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My shop is open even when I am not there. Please phone if you want to make an appointment to see me

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