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Plain  iced wedding cakes, professionally finished and ready for your own decoration

I had the misfortune, a couple of weeks ago, to be given 3 ready made iced cakes from a popular and expensive shop.
 I didn't bother opening the boxes until the last minute  because I presumed they would be perfect cakes ready for sugar flower decoration and assembly. I opened the boxes 48 hours before the wedding and couldn't believe my eyes.
The cakes were only 2 and a 1/2 inches deep. The design was for a stacked cake which meant the whole cake would not stand more than 9" high. Not only were they very poorly iced, there was damage aswell.
To see a picture of this cake, click here The "cheap" option
When I looked squarely at the cakes, I could see there was at least a 1/2 difference from one side of the cake to the other. There was no way this cake was going out with my name on it!!! The icing also had a "grey" look about it.
I phoned the bride to be and between us we decided to re-ice the cakes and use a seperator to give the cake some height.
The cakes cost  130 for  a 10"-8"-6" cakes.
When I reiced the cakes, I saw that the icing on the cakes was less than an eighth of an inch thick, so was the marzipan.
With this in mind and so many brides trying to keep to a budget, I am now offering my own version of ready iced fruit cakes.
At least 4" deep, plenty of marzipan and icing, iced boards and matching ribbon.
My cakes are "finished" to a very high standard with embossed detail on the boards and "pearl" trim.
Cakes are available in different colours with the ribbon of your choice.



*These prices do not include delivery or set up





Seperately boxed for self assembly




Stacked design




Tiered design ready assembled*
* 2" satin seperators supplied




I have teamed up with a local florist, Rita, who will make the floral arrangements for these cakes at a very reasonable price.
For fresh flowers as in the picture, 35
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I can no longer take orders by email, please phone or text. If I am busy, leave your name and, if possible, a landline  number and I will get back to you.

My shop is open even when I am not there. Please phone if you want to make an appointment to see me

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